What this blog is about and what I hope it does...

I hope this will be a simple fun tool for us to grow in our understanding and surrender to God through the Bible as we connect over the web. Reading the Bible is both simple and difficult. What could be easier than opening a book and reading? Yet we've all done that and wondered what sections of the Bible mean? What's with the book of Leviticus? What is Revelation really about? Is the Song of Songs about marital love or is it supposed to be more 'spiritual' than that?

So, my intent is for this blog to be a tool that helps us in our faith. A forum for better understanding. An honest place of sharing that nurtures us as we follow Jesus together.

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GENESIS 4:17-5:32

For NIV reading click here http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+4%3A17-5%3A32&version=NIV

After a brief story about Lamech, much of this is genealogy as we follow the line of the human family that leads to Noah which will prepare us for the story of Noah.

This reading is different, but nonetheless serves really important purposes.


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  1. I wonder if the 2 witnesses referenced in Revelations will be Enoch and Elijah... Noah waited 500 years to have kids. What did he know that we didn't? Why did the first men chronologized live hundreds of years and then, after the flood, life expectancy plummeted?

  2. Good questions...anyone got answers? I think part of it is to show that as sin spreads, life diminishes... thoughts?

  3. Please sir , what's up with 4:23 and 24 ?

    About life expectancy . Time is so different for God . He tells us so . Back then they farmed and tended flocks . Ever get behind a farmer driving down the road in his pick up at 30 mph ? Time is different for them .Antediluvians did not have to rush home from work to make dinner , drive the kids to soccer , watch Idol on TV . 70 years or
    7oo years , made little difference to them or God . That's my guess.

    God was , in fact grieved at the time of the flood . I truly believe He was considering some changes in addition to the restart . Shorter longevity might well have been one of those changes.

    Enoch , one of the first guys in the OT that you really gotta envy . I picture Enoch as a world class conversationalist . Had to have had a great , great heart . Cannot wait to meet and talk to him !

  4. Doc, I'd be interested in your thoughts on 4:23-24. I think it shows the continuing move away from God and toward the broken self and sin. Lamech boasts in his own ferocious and lustful ability to indulge in violent vengeance. Two wives, power, personal commitment to his own ways, utter self-rule...sounds to me like it reflects our times too: lust, power, autonomy, personal wants and preferences, no one can/should tell me how I should live, etc. This story shows what all of that can lead to and produce. In Genesis, these 'ways' of course lead to the story of Noah.