What this blog is about and what I hope it does...

I hope this will be a simple fun tool for us to grow in our understanding and surrender to God through the Bible as we connect over the web. Reading the Bible is both simple and difficult. What could be easier than opening a book and reading? Yet we've all done that and wondered what sections of the Bible mean? What's with the book of Leviticus? What is Revelation really about? Is the Song of Songs about marital love or is it supposed to be more 'spiritual' than that?

So, my intent is for this blog to be a tool that helps us in our faith. A forum for better understanding. An honest place of sharing that nurtures us as we follow Jesus together.

(There are a few resources I have included under "PAGES" that may be a helpful start, especially to those newer to reading the Bible. It's located just below this and to the right. Also included is a READING OUTLINE. If you miss a day, go on to the next rather than trying to catch up.)

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GENESIS 1:1-2:3

For NIV reading click here

As Dave mentioned in his comment on the previous post, these chapters are very familiar to many of us. As you read it, what seem to be the main ideas that the author was trying to communicate? How can we read it in a way that nurtures our trust in God and our commitment to live for God?

All questions are welcome.

Your observations, questions...


  1. OK, for those of you without formal training in Hebrew, this is a very cool web site:
    If you hold the mouse still over a word or phrase (no click required) a little pop up provides the Hebrew word and the definition.

  2. I never tire of the creation story. I love the affirmation at each step that "GOD saw that it was good (or 'very good' at the end). I love that GOD created us in HIS image, male and female. I believe that it takes both ourselves and our mates to be complete in our journey to becoming like CHRIST.

  3. Andy , I too love being made in His image .

    Dave , thanks for the site .

  4. Right from the beginning we are shown that God made all things good, that His plan was for good, that He created us in His own image.

    In today's world, many people doubt the creation story. They get sidetracked by the social acceptance of scientific 'fact' But, they are missing the point. By relying on 'fact' they miss the truth that we were created and we were good in the eyes of God.

  5. V3 light is created, and differentiated from darkness. Light is such a powerful metaphor throughout both testaments, such as Psalm 119 "light unto my path" but especially Matt 5 Jesus proclaiming that WE are the "light of the world."

    Yet, every evening, according to God's plan in V3-5, the light becomes darkness. I'm not saying that darkness has to seep into our hearts, but we do have to have the faith to make it though the times of darkness knowing that the light will shine clear once again.

  6. Thanks for the website Dave. I noticed there is an 'interlinear' option which will show you the Hebrew, the English word and a short defintion within the text all at once.

  7. Good thoughts Wendy. Sometimes I think we are so sure we know what a passage is about that we don't let the truths of it simmer in us...like your observations that: God created everything and that humans are uniquely made in God's image. How would those two truths change the way we see one another and respond to one another? Some people might just need to hear that they are not an accident...that God intended them! Some of us need to be reminded that creation, all of it, is God's. Though we read God gave us some of the creation for food, etc., it's still all God's! How does that guide our decision-making? And, amazingly enough, though God made it all, He put us 'in charge' of ruling over it, cultivating it, etc. Wonder how we are doing on all that...

  8. Dave, I wonder if the 'light of the world' that we are supposed to be relates to our role as 'image-bearer' of God...and how that is to shine through our care of one-another and of creation...

  9. The 'us' and 'we' of vv. 26-31 is interesting.

  10. Andy, appreciate your thoughts. I'll have to ruminate more...not sure I can go with being complete only in marriage, especially in light of Jesus' words about marriage not being an issue in heaven and Paul's about seeking singleness. But I would agree we are incomplete apart from community, real honest relationships with others. But, like I said, I'll have to prayerfully ponder more...thanks.

  11. Matt, my thoughts are along the lines of what you said, the "us" and the "we." Men and women are such different creatures. We'll never know what it's like to be a woman and women we'll never know what it's like to be a man, and yet we're both created in HIS image, both male and female. When we strive for intimacy with each other..not sex but "in to me see".. we become more one-like. We begin to see and feel as the other might in a way we couldn't otherwise do alone. There's something very special there if we have the courage to go there. And I believe it's very much in GOD's image and not do-able by myself.

  12. Thanks Andy...that's helpful.