What this blog is about and what I hope it does...

I hope this will be a simple fun tool for us to grow in our understanding and surrender to God through the Bible as we connect over the web. Reading the Bible is both simple and difficult. What could be easier than opening a book and reading? Yet we've all done that and wondered what sections of the Bible mean? What's with the book of Leviticus? What is Revelation really about? Is the Song of Songs about marital love or is it supposed to be more 'spiritual' than that?

So, my intent is for this blog to be a tool that helps us in our faith. A forum for better understanding. An honest place of sharing that nurtures us as we follow Jesus together.

(There are a few resources I have included under "PAGES" that may be a helpful start, especially to those newer to reading the Bible. It's located just below this and to the right. Also included is a READING OUTLINE. If you miss a day, go on to the next rather than trying to catch up.)

ONE LAST NOTE: you don't have to join or set up an account to share comments. Just click 'comment' at the bottom of a post, click the drop down and click 'anonymous.' Then write your post and if you want sign it with your first name and finish by clicking 'Post comment.' I would love to hear your thoughts.


Getting Ready for Genesis

Take a look at the "Page" to the right entitle Outline of Genesis. I would suggest that we take Thursday and read through Genesis 1-11. If you can't, don't worry about it but glance at the outline so you get a feel for the flow.

On Friday, the first reading will be Genesis 1:1-2:3. Not all chapters line up in a tidy way because chapters and verses were added later for finding our way around the Bible, but they don't always mark the best units of reading. We'll have the whole weekend to post comments and questions, and I suspect there will be some...lots of different ways of understanding this opening section.

For those new to the blog, you can just read the Bible and the daily posts I make, as well as the comments under each post that others make. Or you can add your own comments and questions. This is a laid-back group so every question that has to do with the text we're reading is fair game. Some of the most helpful stuff comes from those commenting so I encourage you to read their stuff.

And once again, we read the Bible prayerfully and reflectively as a way of encountering God through His word for life transformation.



  1. If you read Genesis 1-11, thoughts, observations, impressions?

  2. It is hard for me for two reasons: 1) these verses (especially Ch1-2) are so familiar that it is a challenge to find the deeper meaning; 2) the very historical-type writing is too easy to just read as "the story" and not necessarily internalize as text that God has put in place to teach or guide us.

    That said, a few times even in the Noah story I was able to remove myself from the story line and tried to fit this into the bigger (biggest!) story of God's love. No specifics right now, but I'm sure I will get to them as we progress through the passages.